‘Copper Pots and Daggers’
Written by Roxanne Parades
Directed by Avi Youabian

The fly team races against the clock to organize the release of a former U.S. Marine detained in Istanbul.

CBS ORIGINAL       DRAMA       2022       TV-14










About FBI: International

From Emmy Award winner Dick Wolf, fast-paced drama FBI: International is the third iteration of the successful FBI brand that follows the elite operatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s International Fly Team. Headquartered in Budapest, they travel throughout Europe with the mission of tracking and neutralizing threats against American citizens wherever they may be, putting their lives on the line to protect the U.S. and its people. The Fly Team’s Special Agent Scott Forrester, their accomplished and dedicated leader, puts his missions ahead of his personal life and is often accompanied by his trusty Schutzhund dog, Tank. Second in command is Special Agent Jamie Kellett, a heroic and fearless investigator – and her extensive network of informants is a powerful resource. Special Agent Andre Raines shines in the field and makes good use of his accounting background in tracking criminal enterprises’ moving money; and Special Agent Cameron Vo, a competitive West Point grad who excels at interrogation and strategy. Newly embedded with the Fly Team is Megan “Smitty” Garretson, a streetwise Europol agent with an extensive undercover background who liaises with each host country they inhabit. Always at the scene where American interests are at risk, FBI: International is a globe-trotting depiction of law enforcement overseas.

Copper Pots and Daggers

Episode 4 of FBI: International Season 2 begins with Forrester hanging out with Zsólt, his neighbor’s son who watches his dog when he is away. Zsólt confides in Forrester that his parents have been fighting a lot. Forrester is suspicious of the dad so he asks Kellet to run a full background check on him.
Meanwhile, Smitty is finally moving in with Kellet, I guess she passed the personality test. Can’t wait to see how the new roomies will get along.
The team is invited to Turkey to help an ex-marine, Emily who was detained in Istanbul on charges of smuggling antiquities. Turkey and the US don’t see eye to eye and the military is choosing to lie low to protect Emily. They are sending in the team to enter Turkey through unofficial channels to save Emily.
Smitty has a way to get the team to Turkey through a contact she once worked with. The team makes it to Turkey and is welcomed by Jen Messer at the U.S embassy in Turkey. She takes them to meet a local translator Leyla Kaplan who will help them.
Kellet and Raines head over to the hotel to talk to Emily’s partner James. He tells them about his experience at the airport with the police after Emily’s arrest. He says they asked him for a “rush fee “ but he didn’t understand what they meant.
Later, Raines gets access to the airport security footage and sees Emily’s luggage was clean when she first went through the check. A security officer later takes the bag and it looks like he planted the antiquities during that time. Leyla tells them it is not unusual for Turkish police to “ shake down people.”
Leyla agrees to go to the station with Forrester and Vo and help them as a translator. Forrester talks with Turkey police captain Mehmet who denies any knowledge of a scam being done by his officers at the airport. He, however, allows them to talk to Emily and she urges them to get her out of there before the Turks find out who she is. Before she can expound any further, the Turkey police take her away dramatically in handcuffs. Who is she?
Apparently, she is a spy. The police claim they found evidence hidden in the walls of her apartment. Mehmet refuses to let them go through the evidence but Forrester has seen the transmitter device found in Emily’s apartment before and is sure she is a CIA spy.
They go back to the office and Kellet notifies Forrester that a General from the Department of Defense is on the phone and wants to speak to him. The General wants them to get Emily out before matters escalate further. He asks them to find Emily’s high-level asset only known by a code name.
Forrester meets James and tells her that Emily is not who she thinks she is but they also need his help to get her out safely. James tells him about a man named Sami who Emily met and claimed is her friend from University. They do a deep background on Emily and find Sami.
As Forrester and Smitty leave to interview Sami, they run into Mehmet who wants to show them the footage of Emily meeting with a man at a hotel. The man is Sami and he is Emily’s asset and Forrester was hoping to speak to him. Unfortunately, the Turkish police get to Sami first and arrest him.
This forces Forrester and the team to take drastic measures to get Emily out of her prison cell. They decide the only option is a prison break. They ask Leyla to get them a blueprint and they make a plan to breach the prison that night.
Forrester and Vo distract Mehmet while Raines breaks into the server room and shuts down the power. Vo and Forrester manage to get Mehmet to allow Vo to interview Emily while Forrester remains behind. Once Raines shuts down the power, Vo and Emily escape the cell and they are able to make it out of the station following Raines’s directions.
The only thing left is getting out of the country with Emily which will not be an easy feat. Smitty is in charge of getting Emily and herself to the location where a chopper is waiting for them. They run into a problem when they are stopped by a traffic officer forcing Smitty and Emily to ditch the car after a wild police chase.
Forrester is able to pick them up along the way and they safely arrive at the pick-up destination. Forrester alerts Emily that he had no choice but to brief James about her real identity. They fly to Budapest where James and his daughter are waiting for Emily.