Follow the path of the red-handled weapon from its innocent beginnings, as it lands in the hands of survivors good and evil, familiar and new.
Warner Brothers / CW
Diggle (David Ramsey) reluctantly reaches out to a Four-Star General (Ernie Hudson) of the Defense Intelligence Agency for help when Team Arrow is dealt a setback from the Ninth Circle; Oliver finds a piece of information he thinks might turn Emiko against the Ninth Circle; Alena gives Felicity an interesting proposal.






CBS Studios
An international crime boss offers to surrender if he’s allowed to return to the United States to watch his daughter walk down the aisle; Mac and the team crash the wedding to ensure the crime lord doesn’t run.









Amazon / Ubisoft
The Santa Blanca cartel, led by the tattoo-faced kingpin El Sueño, has transformed Bolivia into a narco-state. Opening with an unexpected attack on the cartel, the story follows El Sueño and other prominent Santa Blanca Cartel members as they try to determine who among their ranks has betrayed them.
CBS Studios
“Once Upon a Time in the Nest”
Logan tries to destroy the hybrid nests before they activate. Clem’s pregnancy undergoes a surprising development. The team tries to perfect the cure using Abigail and the hybrids.
AMC Studios
Michonne and what’s left of her group are back in Alexandria to catch Maggie and the others up on what happened. Suddenly, Rick sprints towards Alexandria with a horde of walkers behind him yelling “Open the gate!”








“Baby Mamma Drama”
Mixing animation and live action, this gritty web series was recognized by Variety as one of the ‘Top 10 Web Series of 2013’. Starring Orlando Jones, Eric Roberts, Deanna Russo, and Maz Jobrani.